Weighty Matters

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Choosing foods that best support your health and well-being may feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Achieving a healthy relationship with food and feeling like your best self can be done with these three strategies.

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If you rely on butter, white flour, and sugar as the base of all your desserts, you’re missing an opportunity to add nutrients and unique flavor combinations. Learn more about baking swaps.

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Turns out, the secret to health and wellness may be a “choose-your-own adventure” story. Learn more about how you can personalize your plate for sustainable changes to dietary behavior.

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Micro Actions for Lasting Change

When New Year’s Resolutions have a (sad) history of failure, why do we keep attempting sweeping changes? Perhaps setting your sights on something smaller will lead to bigger results in the long run.

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Wellness Beyond Your Plate

When it comes to getting healthy, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? For many, nutrition and what we eat is at the forefront of wellness. But what if we told you that’s only part of the picture?

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Celebrating the Mediterranean Way of Life

Imagine a table filled with freshly caught fish topped with bright green herbs, platters of vibrantly colored vegetables, and a simple bulgur salad lightly tossed in a fragrant citrus and olive oil dressing. Sitting around that table are your closest family and friends, breathing in the sea air and lingering over the meal with great conversation and lots of laughter. Sounds like vacation, right? For those living near the Mediterranean Sea, this is just a typical evening.

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The Hype on Whole Grains

In recent years, grains have been quite the controversial food category. From books like “Wheat Belly” or “Grain Brain” to popular diets that eliminate grains like Whole 30 and The Paleo Diet, it may seem like grains are the cause of all health problems. For most people, however, whole grains are part of a healthy diet.

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Eating Healthy in the Workplace

The workplace can be one of the biggest saboteurs of eating healthy. It’s where many of us spend the majority of our days, and from working lunches, office candy jars, and celebrations, it’s easy for unwanted calories to sneak in without even realizing it. Pair that with a sedentary desk job and you have a recipe for packing on extra pounds.

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